Some Great Toys For Boys

If you are looking for some great toys for boys, young and old in your family then this is the place. We have all kinds of toys for the guys in your life. RC aircraft, telescopes, chess sets, some golf equipment, and others. Scroll down and take a good look at our selection.

toys for boys Delstar Executive Travel Putter

* Want to sharpen your putting skills anywhere, anytime?
* Now you can practice your putting skills, at home, at the office or on the road!
* This Deluxe Executive Putting Kit lets you hone your skills even when the golf course is

* The kit contains a 35" cherry wood finished putter with sure grip rubber handle, two

high-density premium golf balls and a cherry wood finished putting hole.
* Folds down easily and fits in its own vinyl carrying case.
* Built in carrying handle makes travel a breeze.
* Screws together in seconds... no tools necessary!
* Won t come apart until you re ready to put it away.
* Get two, and enjoy the fun of indoor golf with a friend.
* Case dimensions: 12" x 6" x 2"
* Makes a perfect gift!

toys for boys

Excalibur Digital Golf Scoring System

* Play like a pro from tee to green with Excalibur's® Golf Master Pro as your personal caddy.
* This compact electronic scoring device keeps track of scores for up to four players and fits into a shirt pocket, clips onto your belt or clips onto your golf bag for easy viewing and operation at every hole.
* The Golf Master Pro includes the rules for seven popular betting games such as Nassau, Bingo Bango Bongo, and Skins and more.
* Scroll through a complete list of golf rules at the touch of a button.
* Golf Master Pro also recommends which club to use and stores up to 16 player names.
* The Golf Master Pro is a pocket sized smart card that keeps your scorekeeping up to par.
* You will be able to track all the scores in your foresome quickly and easily.
* Excalibur's Digital Golf Pro is better than a caddy for giving advice!
* Even includes many great golf jokes you can tell on the course!
* Perfect gift item.
* Features:

o Complete scoring for up to 4 players
o Easy to use and understand
o Scoring for the popular betting games (included)
o Recommends which club you should use
o Complete set of Golf rules
o Saves details of your favorite courses
o 16 programmable player names
o Rugged and water resistant
o Includes belt clip and leather name tag holder

toys for boys

Radio Control Warship

Item #: PP1795 * Modeled after British torpedo ships in the latter half of the 20th century, the HT-2877 RC Warship is ready to amaze you with its agility and detail right out of the box. * Carefully detailed from the gun turrets to the lighted control bridge, the HT-2877 RC Warship is a great addition to your military RC collection. * The HT-2877 comes complete with everything you need including the 9V battery for the controller, and the rechargeable 6V battery and charger. * The twin propellers are powered by 2 powerful motors which are controlled from the fully functional dual joystick transmitter to provide top speeds with forward, reverse, left and right turning functions. * Measuring 20 inches long this craft is perfect for pools, small ponds, rivers and lakes. * Features: o Full Function Radio Controlled o 9v Battery For Controller (Included) o 9.6v Battery Pack (Included) o Remote Controller (Included) o Remote Distance: 100 Meter o Detailed Exterior o Factory Assembled Ready to Run o 2 Powerful Motors o Powered By A 380 Type Racing Motor o Prof. Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Battery & Quick Battery Charger o Vector-Push Design Easy To Be Controlled


toys for boys Hx Radion Controlled Helicopter

*It's time to soar the great blue skies with the HX Dragonfly 251 remote control helicopter.
*This life like helicopter is powered by two electric motors and can fly up to 100 feet high at speeds up to 12 mph.
*Soft, gradual control response and stable hovering characteristics also make it one of the easiest R/C helicopters to fly!
*The digital proportional radio system with 2 channel control is easy to learn making it suitable for beginners.
*The fully functional remote features left, right and up, down controls and allow hovering at any altitude.
*The main frame and body of this durable helicopter are constructed using ABS crash resistant plastic.
o Full function 2 channel radio control
o Twin electric motors
o Altitude and rotor speed control
o Flight stabilizing system
o Super lightweight airframe
o Brake for easy landing
o Charges in just minutes
o Realistic looks.
o Long flight times
o Ready to fly
o Motor type: 370
o Dimensions: 23.5 in. L x 6.5 in. H x 6.25 in. W
o Main blades diameter: 19.5 inches
o Tail rotor diameter: 5.75 inches
o Colors may vary

o Radio control transmitter
o AC charger
o English manual
o Nimh rechargeable battery

toys for boys

Hx Radio Controlled F-15 Tomcat

o Soar the blue skies with the radio controlled F-15 Tomcat fighter plane from HX.
o This super tough lightweight fighter plane is built with molded plastic and foam construction.
o The two channel controller is ergonomically shaped so you can fly with one hand.
o Ingenious thrust vector controls and auto climb mode enable the plane to climb, maneuver and fly up to 5 mph.
o Ready to fly right out of the package, this fighter jet will provide hours of aerial entertainment.
+ Super tough lightweight material
+ Molded plastic and foam construction
+ Tough structural design
+ 99% pre-assembled
+ 27.145 MHz frequency
+ Speeds up to 5 MPH
+ Thrust Vector controls
+ Automatic climb mode
+ Powered by NiMH rechargeable battery
+ Approximately 24.5-inch wingspan
+ Dimensions: 20.5 x 24.5 x 7 -inches (L x W x H)
* Includes:
+ F-15 Tomcat Super Fighter Radio Controlled Plane
+ Eight (8) AAA batteries
+ One (1) 7.2 V 400 mA rechargeable battery
+ Power adapter (110 V ~ 60 Hz)
+ User Manual

Flyfairy Radio Controlled B-3 Stealth Bomber

* Spread your wings, start your engines..... it's time to soar through the skies!
* You don't need a crash course in flying nor a license to fly.
* Explore the limitless airspace with these great radio-control aircrafts!
* Very easy to use and lots of fun!
* The airplane features a remote controlled, battery-powered propeller for extended flights.
* The remote will switch off the engine and let your high-flying glider adventure begin.
* Need more altitude? Flip the switch on the controller and the propeller fires up to help you climb again.
* Master banking turns and flying in different wind conditions as you carefully hone your skills.
* Recommended for ages 12 and above.
* Features:
o Battery Operated R/C Plane
o 2 channel transmitter
o 2 engine propellers
o Left/Right control by thrust differentiation and motor speed control
o Progressive motor speed control
o Flys over 200ft High
o Brake for easy landing!
o Charges in just minutes
o Wingspan 2 ft

toys for boys

Hi-power Portable Telescope

Stargazing, birdwatching, sporting events; take this high-powered mini telescope anywhere for endless viewing enjoyment! Sets up quickly and provides sharp, clear magnification. Includes tripod, telescope body and lenses. Detailed instructions included. Metal, glass and plastic. 16" x 11" x 20" high. 20mm eyepiece and comes with a 3X Barlow lens.

toys for boys Reflector Telescope

* The universe is studded with stars, galaxies and planets, creating many breathtaking images.
* Designed exclusively for astronomy, this reflector telescope is the workhorse of telescope designs, offering the most visual bang for the buck.
* Reflector telescopes collect and focus light with mirrors, which can be made in large sizes very economically.
* For deep-sky observing, a reflector telescope is the way to go.
* Its large, precision-crafted mirror will reveal striking views of faint nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters — and is even great for viewing subtle detail on planets and the moon.
* The lightweight aluminum barrel body is easily operated and adjustable for viewing objects both in and out of this world.
* Includes 26" scope, three interchangeable lenses, Barlow lens, and adjustable tripod.
* Features:
o 35X-350X power
o Finder scope to help align targets
o Engineered with smooth functioning mounts
o Genuine glass optics
o Accessory tray
o Rack and pinion focusing knob
o Pitching shaft knob for rotating w/locking screw
o Lightweight aluminum barrel body
o Three interchangeable lenses
o 3x Barlow lens
o Moon filter
o Adjustable tripod

10x50 Binoculars

* These rugged and durable OPSWISS® 10x50mm binoculars are made for the great outdoors.
* OPSWISS® 10x50mm binoculars are not only top-performance and extremely rugged, but offer multi-coated quality ruby optics and durability.
* Whether you are hunting, camping, birdwatching, at a concert or at the game, these binoculars will come in handy for catching all the action up close at 10X magnification.
* The OPSWISS® 10x50mm binoculars feature wide angle ruby coated lenses to minimize UV glare and maximize light transmission.
* Constructed with rubber armor and no slip grip these binoculars are ready for your next outdoor adventure.
* Features:
o 10X magnification
o Ruby coated optic lenses
o Bright sharp images
o Durable rubber grip
o Fold down eye cups
o Objective Diameter: 50 mm
o Prism: BK-7, Porro
o Field of view: 168 ft @ 1000 yds
o Lens coating: Multi Coated Ruby Lens
o Focus System: Center
o Close focus: 30 feet
o Exit Pupil: 2.5 mm
o Eye relief: 7.2 mm
* Includes:
o Shoulder strap Soft carrying pouch
o Neck Strap
o Cleaning cloth
o 50 Year Warranty

toys for boys Magnetic Dart Board

A wide variety of fun games of skill can be played using this safe, magnetic dart board set. Includes 6 magnetic darts. Board constructed of rubber, steel and velvet. 17" x 1 1/2" x 27 1/4" high.

toys for boys

Soapstone Carved Chess Set

Chess set with soapstone inlay board. Pieces range from 1 3/4" to 2 3/4" high. Board 12" x 12" x 1 3/4" high.

toys for boys Medieval Chess Set

Mystical knights and dragons square off on a medieval board, adding a legendary feel to the timeless battle of chess. All 32 finely detailed chessmen fit inside the elaborately carved chessboard case.

Poly-resin and wood. 17" square x 2 3/4" high.

toys for boys

Star Glass Chess Set

* Get ready to do battle in style with this elegant 32 piece Glass Chess Set.
* This limited edition glass chess set is a true collector's item.
* The 13-5/8' by 13-5/8' board is made of smoky gray glass with contrast etching for the playing squares and felt anti-scratch pads underneath.
* The 32 chessmen are either clear or frosted, with felt bottoms for easy maneuvering on the board, and they're nicely weighted.
* This is not a game to be kept in the box, but rather to be proudly displayed and used for years to come.
* Truly a classic game of sophistication and strategy, this limited edition Chess Set will be cherished for years to come.
* When you are not playing, it makes an attractive addition to any home or office.
* Chess pieces range in height from 3' (king) to 1-1/2' (pawn).
* WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Not for children under 3.

toys for boys Charging Station Organizer

Handsome tabletop station helps keep cell phones, MP3 players and other hand held electronics powered up and organized! Charges up to three devices at once; great for any family on the go. Weight 2.8 lbs.

Wood with velvet lining. Power cord not included. 11 1/2" x 6 3/4" x 4 1/4" high

toys for boys

Multi-function Shower Radio

Rock your morning with this musical shower pal! Water-resistant radio starts the day with your favorite AM/FM stations; its mirror and digital clock keep you on time and looking good. Plastic. Four AA batteries not included. 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 9 1/2" high.

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