STS 132 Rollout Photos

Here are some photos of the STS 132 Rollout, on its way to the VAB for assembly. The shuttle Atlantis being moved from the OPI hanger, across the space center and heading to the Vehicle Assembly Building to be stacked with the rocket boosters in preparation for its May launch. After stacking, it will moved to the crawler, and sent to the gantry to launch.

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The Shuttle Atlantis being prepped for transfer to the VAB.

STs 132

A rear shot of Atlantis being towed from the hangar.

sts132 A front view of STS132 from the hangar. It is a tight fit.

sts 132

View from the left side just out of the hangar.

STS 132 Squeezing out under the doors!!

sts 132

Making the turn away from the hangar. This requires very careful directions from the ground crew.

STS132 A final check before rollout.

STS 132

One of the Security team patrolling the area.

STS 132 One of the K-9 corps patrolling the perimeter.

STS 132

Ready and Waiting for the crew to set up.

STS 132 Almost ready to go, Just doing final checks.

STS 132

OK People lets keep it on the line!!!

STS 132 An aerial shot of Atlantis on its way to the VAB.

STS 132

Tail end of Atlantis heading into the sun.

STS 132 We made it to the VAB just before Sundown. Good Night!!

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