STS 131 NASA's Dawn Shuttle Launch

We just wanted to share with you our latest photos of the STS 131 launch from April 5, 2010. It was spectacular, the shuttle took off just before sunrise, and we were lucky enough to find some memorable shots to share with you. Enjoy!

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STS 131

STS 131 Just lifting off from the pad. About 3 seconds after ignition.

STS 131

STS 131 Just clearing the Tower, about 5 seconds after ignition.

STS131 It's on its way!!! Shuttle has cleared the gantry and is on its way up.

STS 131

This photo was taken at the Magic Kingdom. The Shuttle zooming over Cinderella's Castle. This is a once in a lifetime shot!!

STS131 The Shuttle has gone, but the jetstream is left behind to be lit by the rising sun. Another once in a lifetime shot.


The final shot, the STS 131 headed downrange.

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