Space Coast Condo Rentals

space coast condo rentals

Space coast condo rentals offer you a great choice between luxury and a typical hotel. Most hotel rooms are exactly what the name implies, just one room with a bath. Most space coast condo rentals offer two to three bedrooms with a full kitchen and baths. This can be an important feature for anyone wanting moments of privacy, be it a party of adults, parents with young children, or teens. The space that you find in a condo versus a hotel room is especially comforting. Most condos also come with a full size washer and dryer, which saves vacationers the hefty expense hotels charge for laundry.

A fully stocked kitchen is no comparison to the mini fridge that normally comes with a hotel room. All full size major appliances are provided, along with smaller ones such as coffee makers, blenders and toasters. Once you purchase the groceries for your vacation, you have the option of eating in instead of paying to dine out for every meal and snack. This will save a ton of money over the duration of your vacation. It also provides your party with an extreme convenience.

In the instance where you run short on clothing, you won’t have to purchase additional pieces when you stay at condos. If you packed too little, or if you accidentally stained your outfit, you can have them laundered in the convenience of your condo. No outrageous fees to send out your clothing through hotel services.

Staying at a space coast condo rental offers you the same hotel conveniences as you are typically located within the resort areas. Each property location typically has its own pool, some include a fitness center and barbecue pavilion.

Next time when you vacation please consider staying at a space coast condo rental rather than a hotel.

space coast condo rentals

OK, you may be asking yourself, why would I want to rent a condo while on vacation? Although condos are a little more expensive than a normal hotel would be, you get more included with the full package, and when you really break the price down you are getting more bang for your buck.

PRIVACY - In a hotel, there is always someone there to see you when you leave or return and with whom.

CONVENIENCE - staying in a condominium not only gives you the same flexibility as you would have in your own home but also you are usually fairly close to the attractions.

Some of the things that may be included with your condominium are: Central Air/heat, Washer and Dryer in Unit, Kitchen is fully supplied; swimming pools & spa, Clubhouse with game room and fitness center, Cable television in bedroom and living room, DVD players, big screen TV's.

The idea of being able to have more than four people is as aspect that will go far. No more having to get two rooms for a family or group of six. One of the other advantages that really our attention is that you have the comforts of being able to cook, do laundry and just relax. You can choose from one or more bedrooms, and can get extra beds if needed.

Most of the space coast condo rentals that we found will allow you to put six people in a unit.

PRICE - if you are planning your vacation either as one family, or as a two family group then the cost per person of renting a condominium home is quite small; if you vacation on your own, or as a couple, then renting a condominium home may well work out to be more expensive.

Some people will try to weigh the cost of a stay in a condominium against a couple of weeks in a low budget motel. There is really no comparison, especially when you look at the advantages and cost over the long run, including being able to cook instead of eating out every meal. Some motels and hotels actually work out to be more expensive, especially if you choose to stay in a suite.

Taking everything into consideration staying in a condominium while on vacation may be the best choice you have ever made.

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