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kennedy space center

As a long time resident of the Space Coast, I have made many visits to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex. It is an all day event, and one that the children will never forget. You can you can take a bus tour of the NASA facilities including actual larger-than-life shuttle launch pads, watch movies about the space program in the IMAX Theater, visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame, and observe a full-sized space shuttle display, shop the gift shops, see the Rocket Garden, or visit the International Space station exhibit. There are also have some great restaurants.

Kennedy Space Center is a fascinating place where visitors not only learn about the history of America's space program, but also receive a hands-on experience that is literally out of this world. The Kennedy Space Center is designed to give you an inspirational, educational and extremely fun look at the Space Program that you and your family will remember for the rest of your life.

The Kennedy Space Center is a must-see attraction during your Space Coast vacation.

kennedy space center

NASA's Rocket Garden

The Kennedy Space Center has a Rocket Garden where you can look at full-scale models of rockets. There is an exact replica of every rocket made in the history of the space program in this area. The Rocket Garden has information telling you about specific historical significance of each rocket, the devised use, areas of utilization, and other exciting information that you probably would never know until visiting this amazing place.

At the IMAX Theater visitors can see a 3D movie on a five-story screen. The IMAX movies lets you experience what life in space is really like, and how astronauts solve problems in the space shuttles once they are in orbit.

Kennedy Space Center

International Space Station

One of the more interesting attractions at Kennedy Space Center is an actual replica of the International Space Station . It offers a walk-through tour that shows the objects used on the International Space Station and what kinds of food astronauts are allowed to eat while in outer space. This exhibit also displays the machines used for heat, air conditioning, air pressure, and oxygen while in the space station.

Everything at the Kennedy Space Center is an experience like no other, and after your visit, you will know everything there is to know about space, shuttle launches, astronauts, and the Universe in which we live in.

If you are ready for an out of this world experience and want to know what it is really like to be an astronaut, come visit the Kennedy Space Center and find out for yourself.


Kennedy Space Center

Astronaut Hall Of Fame Museum

As part of your visit to Kennedy Space Center, be sure to stop by the Astronaut Hall of Fame. At this unusual attraction in the Kennedy Space Center, American outer-space heroes are honored in a museum that chronicles the nation's race into space.

There are opportunities to test your astronaut skills and hands-on activities. As interesting for adults as for children, these simulator experiences feature more than 20 tests of dexterity. You'll also get a look at what may be in store for future astronauts at this visit to the past and the future of outer space.

kennedy space center

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